Seminars cycle for the general public

The regional competitivity cluster Pole Mer Bretagne and the Europole Mer jointly organised seminars given by world class scientists for the general public on topics related to the ocean.

The Once and future ocean (L’océan : Berceau de l’humanité, Clé de notre avenir)

Professor Paul Falkowski, world class scientist, explores the intimate links between man and ocean. He explains how the Ocean has influenced the Earth chemistry to the point of making it viable for animals, including humans; he shows how the human exploitation of natural resources has, in turn, influenced the ocean over the last century, to the point of threatening ecosystems today. Finally he introduces the concept of « bio-economy », a concept that looks into how mankind may develop in phase with the natural cycles of the oceans.

What future for biodiverstity? (Quel avenir pour la biodiversité?)

by Gilles Boeuf (Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle, France)