Call 2015

Europole Mer 2015 Call for projects

International cooperation with Brazil, Canada and US 

Call open 8st December 2014

Submission deadline: 30th january 2015



Since 2007, the Europole Mer consortium gathers the majority of the research capacity in Marine Sciences and Technologies in French Brittany at large and Nantes area..

This call for projects aims at developing active collaborations between Europole Mer members and:

-       Brazilian partners, within the framework of the emerging Brazil – France scientific cooperation. (projects matching with the thematic areas delineated during the two french - brasilian seminars in 2013  and 2014 will be prioritised) [1]

-       Canadian academic partners (public institutions)

-       The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), and other US public institutions

thus providingt support to transatlantic cooperationr.


This call targets all type of actions that will contribute to active research among partners, with a view to establishing new collaborations or to enabling existing projects that haven’t been implemented yet. Projects that or have been already been funded are not be eligible.

This call is complementary to the funding  schemes offered by the cluster of  Excellence “Labex Mer”[2] and which may constitute alternative financing opportunities for some applicants.


General scheme

Selected projects will comprise incoming or outgoing staff mobility (~ 3 months) between  partner institutions located in different countries. No restriction applies as to the type of project that may be submitted or the type of expenditures (except for the fact that no purchase of large pieces of equipment will be eligible).

Examples of eligible activities:

-       Sabbatical stays (~ 3 months) for research staff (from post-doc fellows to senior researchers). PhD student not eligible under this scheme. Multiple stays are possible through cross exchanges(ex.  One two-month stay in Brazil for a French researcher and one one-month stay for a Brazilian researcher in France)

-       Joint field campaign;

-       Purchase of small research equipment for joint survey.

Expected outcomes for the Europole Mer scientific community:

-       To build bridges with the identified partners;

-       To increase the visibility and attractivity of Europole Mer at the international level;

-       To set up the basis for long term collaboration through larger joint projects (e.g. by integrating the collaboration into an ANR or UE submission).

Who may apply: Staff from all members of Europole Mer may apply to this call.



Total budget of this call is 100 000 €. Financial support from Europole Mer is up to 15 000 € per project. The Europole Mer grant may represent all or part of the total budget. Proposals will be reviewed by two independent experts.




-       Proposed projects may start anytime after selection completion (March 2015).

-       Proposed projects must be completed no later than 31st December 2015 (purchase orders must be placed by 30/11/15 at the latest, invoices must be received no later than 31/12/15).


Selection criteria Requirements 

- Scientific excellence in areaone of the following s relevant to some part of the Europole Mer community[3], i.e.

              Topic 1: Ecosystems,biodiversity and living marine resources  

                  Axis 1.1 Ecosystems and marine biodiversity

                  Axis 1.2 Living resources: ecology, use and durability

              Topic 2: Global ocean and ocean sea floor

                  Axis 2.1 Ocean: scale interactions, biogeochemical cycles and climate

                  Axis 2.2 Deep sea floor and transition to continents: processes and interactions

              Topic  3: Littoral and coastal systems and their appropriation by society 

                  Axis 3.1 Littoral and coastal systems, forcing and interfaces

                  Axis 3.2 Appropriation and management of marine and littoral resources, activities and areas 

              Topic  4: Marine sciences and engineering

                  4.1 Blue bio-processes and  biotechnology

                  Axis 4.2 Observation systems, measurements  and information treatment

                  Axis 4.3 Hydrodynamics, materials, structures, marine energy

-       International collaboration with one or more of the identified partners (Brazil, USA, Canada).

-       No specific institution is identified, but partners must be based in Brazil, USA and Canada

-       Effective international mobility between partners;

-       Foreseeable strength of collaboration in the medium and longer term.


-       Association between 2 Europole Mer members.

-       Cofunding will considered as an added value.


Application and selection process

-       Submit proposal to by the application deadline.

-       Selection criteria are described above.

-       Results will be announced no later than March 31st, 2015.   

-       Application format: applications must be written in English. Their maximum length is 2 pages (+ optional appendixes as deemed relevant by project leader). They should include:

  • Project title
  • Europole Mer project leader : contact, host institution, position
  • Project description (1 page max): including expected project outcomes and role of each partner
  • Project timeframe: start and finish dates, milestones and deadlines
  • Project partner(s): including name, institution, description of the role of each international partner role in the project and how the proposed project will strengthen international collaboration. (cv and publication list in an annex)
  • Budget. Indicate cost of all planned actions (categorize expenses by type
  • Appendices: letter of commitment of international partner (required), others (optional)

Application form to be downloaded