After some years of fostering successful research activity in marine sciences and technology in Brittany (see section "Europole Mer: from 2007 to 2012"), Europole Mer evolves towards a consortium of research and higher education consortium in charge of promoting research priorities of its members at a regional, national and international level.

Welcome to the web site of the new Europole Mer

Working Groups

Marine biotechnologies

Contact Bureau: Catherine Boyen (SBR) & Pascal Jaouen (IUML)

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Mer, Mécanique et Matériau (Mcube)

Contact Bureau : Francis Jouanjean (ENSTA Bretagne)

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Sciences Techniques de l'Information et de la Communication & Mer

Contact Bureau Europôle Mer : Francis Jouanjean (ENSTA Bretagne)

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Coopération avec le Brésil

Contact Bureau Europôle Mer : Yves-Marie Paulet (UBO / IUEM)

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Sciences Humaines et Sociales & Mer

Contact Bureau Europôle Mer : Nicole Devauchelle (Ifremer)

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Enseignement Supérieur

Contact Bureau Europôle Mer : Yves(Marie Paulet (UBO / IUEM) & Bernard kloareg (UPMC / SBR)

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