Sea Tech Week Brest 2008 - 13 to 17 october

LE QUARTZ conference centre

The leading European centre for marine research, Brest is organizing the sixth marine science and technology forum

Logo - SeaTechWeek

The maritime city of Brest sets the international standard for oceanographic research and marine technology and is headquarters of the Pôle Mer Bretagne, a globally focused maritime cluster of excellence and economic competitiveness. 
Sea Tech Week is held every two years in Brest and brings together over a thousand conference-goers, scientists, industrialists and world specialists from a variety of disciplines. The event provides a multidisciplinary forum based around top-level conferences and workshops.


  • renewable marine energy,
  • maritime safety,
  • operational oceanography,
  • maritime law, governance and economics,
  • marine surveillance and marine technology and biotechnology.

Workshops et conferences are organised by Europole Mer to present scientific projects of research axis 1,2,4 and 5. 

13 october 2008 : Workshop - Génomique et « chimie bleue » 
Research Axis 1
14-15 october 2008  : Workshop  - "Système de mesures, d’observation et d’intervention en milieux marins : technologies et méthodologies"
Research Axis 4 and 5
15 october 2008 : Workshop - "Interactions 'Changement global - Océan - Ecosystèmes marins': projets, résultats, perspectives" 
Research Axis 2
16 october 2008 : "Conseil scientifique de l’Europôle Mer : présentation de la stratégie et des projets scientifiques" 
Europôle Mer 1st Scientific Committee meeting


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