Sea Tech Week Brest 2010

LE QUARTZ conference centre

The leading European centre for marine research, Brest is organizing the sixth marine science and technology forum on June 21-25, 2010

For this edition Europole Mer organises several sessions

Europôle Mer : session « Ocean, climate and vulnerability »

Tuesday 22nd (afternoon). Wednesday 23nd (whole day)
Vulnerability of natural environments facing anthropogenic pressure and climate change has become both a central scientific question and a pressing social challenge. Due to its influence on climate, biogeochemical cycles and resources, the ocean represents a major stake in this issue. Besides, as a crossroad of major economical activities, and as a heavily populated zone, the coastal zone is a particularly fragile interface between the ocean and continental surfaces. The objective of the session “Ocean, climate and vulnerability” is to summarise engaged activities and major scientific questions regarding vulnerability of the oceanic and coastal environment. This session is a unique opportunity to join the expertise and scientific themes of the Scientific Consortia (GIS) “Climate – Environment – Society” in the Paris Region and “Europole Mer” based in Brittany. The aim is to develop a shared scientific strategy, largely interdisciplinary, based on respective strengths and complementarity of the two consortia.

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Scientific Contact Laurent Mémery & Sylvie Joussaume

Europôle Mer AxIS 1 : session « Genomics and blue chemistry

Tuesday 22nd
Research in genomics on marine models is undoubtedly opening numerous applications and innovative projects regarding marine resources management. Axis 1 of Europole Mer “Genomics and blue chemistry” aims at promoting research on genomes and metaboloms of marine organisms, bacteria, algae and animals. It also aims for a better understanding of the main physiological functions of these organisms, and their interactions in the marine environment thanks to chemical ecology (“blue chemistry”). This session will be an opportunity to present results from projects started since 2008 on this topic.
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Scientific Contact Chantal Cahu

Europôle Mer AxIS 3 : Europole Mer Axis 3: Workshop on "Systems Modelling"

Monday 21st, Tuesday 22nd, Wednesday 23rd
This workshop on the “Systems Modelling Approach”, organized by Europole Mer Research Axis 3, “Observation and Dynamics of Coastal Systems”, will aim at presenting and comparing the main approaches for modelling and simulating the complex interactions between bio-geophysical dynamics and socio-economic processes. More specifically, it will focus on applications that take into account the marine environment and/or resources along with their human use. Two main types of conceptual models are used for modelling such interactions, namely: Multi-Actor Systems (SMA) and Systems Dynamics Models (MDS). Those modelling approaches are usually developed and disseminated within collaborative platforms, as interface tools for both interdisciplinary knowledge integration and communication toward and between policy-makers, managers or stakeholders.

Over three days, from June 21 to 23, this workshop will aim at sharing experience and current good practices on both technical and collaborative aspects. As such, it is open to Europole Mer members only. Partners from related projects (IP-SPICOSA, ANR Chaloupe, etc.) or from other collaborations (France-Australia cooperation) as well as external contributors will be invited in order to share their experience in systemic approaches and in leading communities of users and developers.

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Scientific Contact Denis Bailly

Europôle Mer : session Scientific Committee of Europole Mer

Thursday 24th and Friday 25th
Thursday 24th June The Scientific Committee of Europole Mer will meet for the second time during Sea Tech Week 2010. On the 24th a public sessions will present Europole mer activities in research and higher education. Half way along Europole Mer duration (2007-2012), this session will include projects of the 5 research axes (Axis 1: Genomics and “blue chemistry”; Axis 2: Global change – ocean – Marine ecosystems interactions; Axis 3: Observations and dynamics of coastal systems; Axis 4: Exploration and understanding of deep sea environments; Axis 5: complex systems for observation, measures and intervention, as well as project regarding its other activities (scientific networking, international PhD programs, knowledge transfer).
Friday 25th June Following this presentation day, the 11 members of the Scientific Committee will meet in the morning to assess the GIs Europole Mer (this session is restricted to the 11 members only). Feedbacks on this assessment will be given to the Europole Mer actors in the afternoon session, which will also allow discussions with the Scientific Committee members.

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Contact Séverine Thomas

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